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The many faces of Charlotte La Bouff.

#I think one of my favortie things about charlotte la bouff is the fact she has this fantastically broad array of facial expressions
  #so often you see females being portrayed with such a limited range  #basic happy basic sad basic laughing basic surprise  #in order to maintain this natural cool prettiness that women are supposed to have  #and charlottes gorgeous but shes also whacky and incredibly animated  #shes jam packed with personality and a great supporting character  #i typoed favorite in the first tag and dont care  

yes, this, good

Lottie is the best

Plus she’s one of the few rich characters I’ve seen who isn’t the villain. She’s spoiled but isn’t spoiled rotten. She’s demanding, superficial, and a bit of the dramatic side, but she’s genuinely a good person who doesn’t give a single fuck that her best friend is a black waitress. Oh, and when she realizes said best friend is in love with the prince she’s been chasing after the entire movie? She doesn’t get angry or petty or jealous. Lottie is genuinely happy for Tiana and does her damnedest to help her and Naveen get their happily ever after, the celebrates the fuck out of Tiana finally reaching her dreams. How often do we get to see a spoiled yet utterly caring girl portrayed on screen? A 1920s Southern debutante with more depth to her character than her appearance? A woman who can be feminine and rich but still bold, brave, hilariously quirky, and ACTUALLY GIVES MORE OF A SHIT ABOUT HER BEST FRIEND THAN THE DAMN PRINCE? A PRINCE SHE THINKS SHE’S BEEN DATING and then it turns out it was all fake scam to get her dad’s money. Does Lottie sit down and weep about it? Plot a scheme to steal him away from her best friend? Nope, just gonna kiss that gross frog and risk warty lips/frog herpes/dude she’s kissing an amphibian all because she loves and cares about Tiana.


Lottie is one of my favorite Disney girls for always and forever.

oh man I just teared up reading this but yes, yes all these reasons and also this makes me blush cos more than one person has compared me to her! XD

YESSSSSSS! So much love for Princess and the Frog for so many reasons but #1 on the list is the beautiful friendship between Lottie and Tiana <3 

Elise, I never thought about it before, but yes! Definitely yes ;)

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